The concept of Sustainable Opportunity Cities has evolved into a primary focus of the PASCAL International Exchanges initiative.

Posts under the PIE Theme of Sustainable Opportunity Cities address different approaches and issues with this area whilst this special section introducing EcCoWell features resources and materials specific to this major development area for PIE.


Latest Posts

Taipei Learning City

I am a coordinator of Taipei Learning City and I have written a number of articles about the Learning City during the past three years. The attachment in this email is a list of articles that can be found at the Taipei Learning City website.

EcCoWell Cork - 7th Heaven (Meeting)

The most recent EcCoWeLL session in Cork on Thurs 5th June went very well, with 74 attending, confined to those who had participated in previous EcCoWeLL events.

Visual harvest of EcCoWell Seminar

One of the interesting innovations adopted at the Cork Seminar on EcCoWell was to commission a firm called Think Visual to produce a set of 'cartoon like' images with key ideas from the seminar as a "visual harvest".

These were done quickly during the presentation and then presented on the screen at the conclusion of the seminar. 

The visual images are attached.  We found this a usual way of encapsulating the key points from the discussios and you will see that 10 tips I gave were summed up also.

Living and Learning in EcCoWell Cities - Discussion Paper

These notes and questions have been prepared to promote discussion of the ideas set out in the clarifying paper Living and Learning in EcCoWell Cities. This paper has been prepared to provide a possible framework for further exchanges between cities participating in the PASCAL International Exchanges (PIE) that go in the direction of broader more holistic and integrated strategies.[1]

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Learning Cities 2020

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