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Xploit - first version of learningcommunities.eu launched

The first version of the final and reorganized Xploit outcomes website is now launched.

It is really a first version, and it will be further developed during the next months.

However, most of the content is in place, so you are invited to take a look (please click the image):


Should you have important material for the different themes and sections, you are most welcome to let us know.

Comments to the website should be mialed directly to Enara Zabaleta on sskaez@sosuaarhus.dk.

Best regards,

Jan Gejel

EU Xploit Coordinator

EU Xploit Newsletter 2

Dear Colleagues.

Please find below the EU Xploit Newsletter 2.

You are most welcome to circulate the Newsletter in your networks.

We are constantly updating and expanding the Xploit website, to which the Newsletter refers, so you might take a look from time to time.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please let us know.


Bottom up ICT labs

Dear Colleagues.

I just thought some of you might have an interest in a little information about the newly launched and EU Commission granted LABlearning project. The project will start on the 1st of January 2012.

The LABlearning project will address formal primary, secondary and youth education settings in many European countries aiming to experiment with new media based or media laboratory based learning activities as an alternative to the traditional classrooms.

ICT and lifelong learning in Europe

In the first years of the new millennium most people in education and training were very optimistic as to the revolutionary impact of ICT on education and learning. The wide opportunities to learn in different ways, to include disadvantaged learners, to make the educations learner-centred, etc., were celebrated by very many educational stakeholders. Large teacher training programs on the use of ICT were launched.

Xploit and LABlearning approaches

Peter Kearns:

I would welcome your comments on the Xploit approach and the basic concepts of involvement and empowerment and some applications with disengaged youth, unemployed, migrants perhaps with some reference to the Scandinavian adult learning tradition. I would also be interested in the MIT Media Lab in Boston media learning concepts that you mention.

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Learning Cities 2020

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